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Lindsey Graham Shocks Congress, Goes Against White House By Calling For Radical Reforms



Sen. Lindsay Graham has openly gone against the White House by backing a radical climate change bill in Congress, in a move that has taken the entire political world by surprise:

Congressional Republicans are developing legislation to introduce next year that could serve as the GOP framework for addressing climate change. The language will likely center on energy efficiency, natural gas use and technology to clean up coal-fired power plants, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told reporters yesterday at a banquet sponsored by EarthX, an Earth Day event in Dallas. Graham chairs the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus in the Senate, the Republican group that was formed to promote environmental stewardship in both chambers of Congress. We’re going to sit down with the president and see if we can unveil a bill for 2020 that would be good for the environment and good for business,” Graham said.

Graham at the event said he’s frustrated because large parts of the Republican Party still resist the idea of climate change legislation. “Let’s just cross the Rubicon,” he said. “Let’s, as a party, say the Green New Deal sucks but climate change is real.” During a panel discussion at the banquet, Graham and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Congress is close to a breakthrough on addressing climate change that will also help the GOP. Graham said Republicans can benefit politically from a climate deal. “If you want this party to grow — people from 18 to 35 believe in climate change whether you do or not,” he said. Both senators acknowledged it may be hard to get the Trump administration to approve a bill.

This is staggering to see. Though he stopped short of embracing the socialist Green New Deal plan backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Graham has strayed a long way from the GOP and Trumpian line here by not only acknowledging that climate change exists, but pushing for radical reform legislation to be passed in an effort to tackle it. This will infuriate the President, who once claimed that climate change was a hoax created by China in order to attack the American economy. This is a man who refuses to accept scientific fact, and he always considered Sen. Graham to be one of his most loyal cronies. It is interesting that Sen. Graham has chosen this, of all issues, to contradict the President and stir up trouble. Perhaps, unlike almost anyone else on the right wing, he actually accepts just how much of a climate emergency we are facing.





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