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MAGA Protester Tries To Disrupt News Report, But The Reporter’s Response Is Pure Class



Ever since then Republican candidate Donald Trump launched his bid to become President of the United States and leader of the free world around three years ago, American politics has been infected with the stain of populism which has corrupted our public discourse, inflamed all kinds of social tensions and made very basic things, like talking to people about social issues or reporting the news of what is happening in our country, practically impossible. When people are confronted with years of incessant inflammatory populist rhetoric of the kind that President Trump has been churning out for a very long time now, they become so passionate about politics that they start to behave emotionally and irrationally. When people decide that the best way to express their political opinions is through emotionally charged behavior, we start to run into a whole load of problems.

Perhaps the people most directly affected by this Trumpian epidemic are journalists. As we know, Trump hates journalists because they report the news, and the news often contains information about what a terrible President he is. So, because our democracy is broken, instead of trying to make himself a better President, he simply responds by turning all his supporters’ fury directly onto the reporters. It is a common habit for Trump to simply take to Twitter to rant about the Fake News Media and the True Enemy of the People. It is not a coincidence that since he started saying these things all the time, attacks of a violent nature towards journalists and hate crime more generally have gone through the roof.

There was a case in point recently when a Texan news reporter ran into a particularly fired up MAGA protester. Michael Gordon is a report with KVIA, a Texas ABC affiliate, and while he was in front of the camera trying to deliver a report, a woman wearing a MAGA hat and matching red shirt appeared out of nowhere and started making life hell by jumping around, screaming and generally acting like a lunatic. You can watch the clip below, and it does not make for pleasant viewing.

The most amazing thing about this whole episode is the way that Gordon responds. This woman had a very clear aim. She wanted everyone watching that report to see her message of No Collusion and Fake By Omission, and she naturally expected the reporter to fight back. But by being passive and professional and keeping his cool the entire time, Gordon set a gold standard for all reporters, and for society more generally, for how to act when people are acting like children in public.





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