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Man Comes Up With Genius Response To Trump’s Tweeting And Outright Hypocrisy



President Donald Trump, his lies and his use of Twitter have caused outrage and frustration for millions of people across the United States and the world. One man has now dedicated an incredible amount of time to coming up with the perfect way to respond to this, and he might just have found it:

Sam Morrison likes to create thought-provoking art. In high school, he made silk-screen shirts and decks of cards with secret compartments inside. But over the past several years, most of his projects were digital – that is, until he had the idea last year to make physical flip-flops out of President Donald Trump’s tweets. “Take a scroll through Donald Trump’s 40,000 tweets, and you’re sure to catch some contradicting opinions,” Morrison told Business Insider over email. “I wanted to highlight this hypocrisy.” Morrison had a full-time job in the advertising industry at the time, but he got to work on producing his flip-flops. He sourced his own materials and printed and packaged every flip-flop by hand.

On September 5, 2017, Sam Morrison started selling his Trump-themed flip-flops through a website called Morrison made 1,000 pairs of flip-flops. He sold every single pair in less than a month. Despite his marketing budget of $0, his flip-flops went viral anyway, getting coverage from major news outlets like MSNBC, HuffPost, Fortune, and the BBC. They also made the rounds on Twitter and Reddit. Morrison said he donated 10% of every purchase to the American Civil Liberties Union. Morrison told Business Insider that the flip-flops were a limited run because of the effort and complexities behind the production.

“The minimum order of raw materials was 1,000 pairs and took two months to ship to me,” he said. “I hand-printed all 1,000 pairs with a heat press, packaged and shipped everything myself, so it was a very time-intensive project.” All told, Morrison made three flip-flop designs, based on three sets of contradictory Trump tweets. Despite making only three flip-flop designs, in five sizes, with a price point of about $30, Morrison sold every single Trump flip-flop he made in less than a month. He says they are “permanently sold out.” Morrison said that people from 47 states purchased the Trump flip-flops, but that given the effort to produce and ship all the shoes while still working a full-time job, President Flip Flops was a limited run.

This is genius. Creating flip-flops that physically embody the flipping and flopping all over the place of the President’s politics is an inspired idea. This is how we slowly chip away at the perceived authority of the right wing in our politics.





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