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Matt Whitaker Blindsides Trump With Disloyal Move, Leaves Trump Vulnerable To Mueller’s Full Investigation



Here at Blue Side Nation, we have been closely covering the story of the official inquiry into the 2016 election of President Donald Trump. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been commissioned by the Department of Justice to investigate alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian state actors, in addition to alleged instances of obstruction of justice by the President (or those close to him, such as White House officials) since then in an attempt to cover it up.

There have been seemingly endless ups and downs in this investigation over the last couple of years but recent reports suggest we are getting nearer and nearer to crunch time by the day. Sources and leaks are revealing more and more about the potentially explosive information Robert Mueller is said to have in his possession and is apparently preparing to reveal in the very near future.

Of course, President Trump has not just been sitting by and watching while all this was going on. He has launched many attempts to throw the investigation off course, most of them ill fated because of his chronic clumsiness and lack of diplomacy skills (in addition to his evident total unsuitability for the high office he currently holds).

One such instance was the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions shortly after the midterm elections at the beginning of last month. Sessions had recused himself from the Mueller investigation, much to the President’s loud annoyance. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has been openly welcoming towards the Mueller probe in recent months, was unsurprisingly (but outrageously) passed over for promotion. Instead, the big job went to former Sessions Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker.

This was a highly questionable decision for a huge number of reasons. Top of the list is the fact that Whitaker was clearly chosen by President Trump simply because of his clear hostility towards Robert Mueller and his inquiry. Also, as Blue Side Nation reported on extensively, Whitaker’s past record as a lawyer is ridden with allegations of horrendous misconduct which clearly render him unsuitable for the office of Attorney General.

However, it seems that Trump’s decision to promote Whitaker might just have backfired massively. Whitaker just publicly stepped back and made it known that he would not get involved in any efforts to derail the Mueller investigation.

This is big. Trump appointed this guy solely to act as a shield between him and Mueller, but Whitaker has just made it plain that he is not willing to do anything of the kind despite his massive promotion, leaving Trump and the White House exposed to whatever Mueller decides to throw at them.





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