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Maxine Waters Close To Breakthrough In Trump Finance Investigation Despite Republican Obstruction



The lows to which President Donald Trump is willing to stoop in his never-ending quest to swell his bank account as much as physically possible baffle us here at Blue Side Nation without fail every day. Thankfully, since President Trump has been in office for less than two years, the United States has not yet completed its descent into Russian style corrupt oligarchy, meaning that there are some powerful people still who actually want to stand up for basic integrity and the rule of law in politics and therefore oppose the President and the current administration. People such as the heroic Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Waters has been repeatedly and persistently pursuing Trump and his cronies for their truly outrageous conduct for some time now, but has been continually held back by mysterious elite forces. Now, though, while everyone has been focussing their attention on the entirely unrelated investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, she might just be on the edge of a major breakthrough. Check out this timeline of events from the Hill Reporter:

March 2017 

As the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, Waters requested that Committee Chairman, Jeb Hensarling investigate the Deutsche Bank relationship with Russian money launderers. Sources tell Hill Reporter that Hensarling never replied to the request.

May 2017

Ranking Member Waters and Democrats on the committee sent a letter to Deutsche CEO, John Cryan. The letter requested information on the 2011 scandal for which the bank was fined as well as info on the bank’s relationship with Trump.

The committee asked Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin to request that the Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) provide any records to the Committee that detail President Trump’s financial ties to Russia. Also requested was information on any Trump family ties that may violate US law.

June 2017

A follow-up letter was sent to Deutsche CEO, John Cryan’s counsel. According to sources, the letter went unanswered.

July 2017

After Jeb Hensarling ignored their first request, Ranking Member Waters and Democrats on the committee introduced a Resolution of Inquiry. The purpose of this ROI was to compel Secretary Mnuchin to provide the Committee with FinCEN documents regarding Trump and Russia. When the ROI went to a vote, all Republicans on the Committee rejected the measure resulting in a vote of 34-26.

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions had recused himself from the DOJ’s investigation of Donald Trump, Ranking Member Waters and the Democrats on the Committee also requested he recuse himself from any investigation involving Deutsche Bank and Trump. According to sources, the Department of Justice refused to cooperate.

August 2017

Ranking Member Waters and Democrats on the Committee requested that Jeb Hensarling use his subpoena power to request Deutsche Bank documents relating to the 2011 scandal as well as internal reviews on the accounts of President Trump. Sources have told Hill Reporter that Hensarling has refused to acknowledge any of these requests.

December 2017

The Committee followed up with Secretary Mnuchin, demanding he complies with the FinCEN request. The request went unanswered.

Ranking Member Waters wrote to Acting AG Rod Rosenstein to request information on the DOJ’s investigation into Deutsche Bank’s 2011 Mirror Trading scandal and how it might relate to President Trump. Again, The Department of Justice did not comply with the request.

January 2018

Ranking Member Waters and the Committee requested that Secretary Mnuchin recuse himself from any matters related to President Trump, his family members or associates.

May 2018

Ranking Member Waters followed up with Secretary Mnuchin on the numerous information requests made of him. Sources tell us that The Treasury Department has not complied with any requests.

As the Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee, Maxine Waters has made numerous attempts to look into President Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank. While these requests went unanswered, Ms. Waters will become the chair of the Committee in early 2019. She will now have many new powers, the ability to subpoena among them. It is likely that an investigation into Donald Trump and his relationship with Deutsche Bank will be forthcoming.

Waters’ conduct, and her not giving up even in the face of forces much more powerful than herself, has been nothing less than incredible. Here at Blue Side Nation, we fully support her in all that she is doing, and we are certain that justice will prevail.





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