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Michael Cohen Admits Lying To Congressional Investigators About Russia, Names Trump In Court Documents



Not long ago, Blue Side Nation reported on the fact that President Donald Trump had apparently been colluding with his former lawyer Michael Cohen in their responses to the inquiry led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Leaks of details emerging surrounding that investigation have suggested that the 2016 Trump campaign team may have illegally colluded with Russian state actors in order to maximize their chances of winning the election, and then covered it up afterwards and ended up obstructing justice in the process.

Now, the New York Times is explosively reporting that Michael Cohen has openly admitted to Russian collusion on the Trump campaign in court. He said that the team has been working on “making Trump Tower Moscow a real possibility”, and much more. The damning report says:

“Mr. Trump’s participation in discussions about building a grand skyscraper in Moscow showed how the interests of his business empire were enmeshed with his political ambitions as he was closing in on the Republican nomination for president. During the early months of 2016, when the business discussions were taking place, he was publicly pressing for warmer relations between the United States and Russia and an end to economic sanctions imposed by the Obama administration, policy positions that might have benefited his family business.

“Court documents made public by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, detailed new accusations against Mr. Cohen, the president’s former fixer, who already pleaded guilty this year to committing campaign finance violations and financial crimes. Mr. Cohen was the point person at the Trump Organization for negotiating a deal for the Moscow project, and on Thursday he admitted lying to congressional investigators about the duration of the negotiations and the extent of the involvement of Mr. Trump — who is identified in the court documents as “Individual 1.”

“After pleading guilty in a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday morning, Mr. Cohen said that he made the false statements to Congress out of loyalty to the president and to align with Mr. Trump’s “political messaging.”

This is big. This could be hugely damaging for the President, especially as we slowly close in on the big crunch day when Special Counsel Mueller will finally reveal all the findings of his investigation to the world and President Trump will be extremely vulnerable to indictment and even prosecution.

Michael Cohen had initially agreed to cooperate with the inquiry, but then decided to hedge his bets by secretly colluding with the White House. Now that that has gone to pot too, it seems he has chosen very firmly to take Mueller’s side against Trump.





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