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Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Confirms Investigators Will Be Coming After Donald Trump Jr. For Indictment



When the findings of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally made their way to the office of Attorney General Bill Barr, a huge amount of high profile Republicans and top Trump allies across Washington breathed a huge sigh of relief because they started seeing headlines saying that there would be no more indictments relating to the allegations of collusion and obstruction of justice in the 2016 campaign to elect Republican candidate Donald Trump as President of the United States and leader of the free world.

Chief among them was Donald Trump Jr., son of the President as well as one of his top aides and closest advisers. Trump Jr. must have been delighted when he thought he was off the hook, especially as his secret meetings with Russian agents and attempts to gain compromising information relating to his father’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton were some of the most publicized episodes of the entire investigation, as well as some of the most troubling.

However, all of that has now come crashing down. We have been relying on a summary of the Mueller report from the Attorney General who is a longtime close friend and ally of the Trump family and who, we now know, may well have bent the rules in order to make things seem much rosier than they actually are. As a result, other investigations are springing up all over the place, and the White House is terrified. The lawyer of Michael Cohen, former Trump attorney who has now come out against him, recently went on live TV to drop a bombshell by predicting that Donald Trump Jr. will be on the receiving end of an indictment very soon:

“I do suggest, respectfully, that Donald Jr., based upon signing a hush money check for his father — out of a trust fund, by the way, that was set up to prevent any money being spent that would help Donald Trump while he was president — out of that trust fund is where the Donald Jr. check was written, that is a crime,” Davis told Hill.TV’s “Rising” hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on Monday. “He should be, in my opinion, respectfully, indicted, based upon just the signing of that check,” Davis said.

“There’s no allegation or credibility issue here. Federal prosecutors found that Donald Trump directed and coordinated an illegal hush money scheme and the payment of $35,000 a month,” Davis said. “The payment of $35,000 a month was a payoff for what was a fictitious legal services retainer agreement, which the federal government prosecutors said never existed. So this is not a matter in dispute. That check signed by our president is a fact that cannot be denied as a felony committed by the president of the United States, which, thanks to Michael Cohen and his testimony, is now before federal prosecutors,” he said. “They can’t indict a president, but they can indict Don Jr. because the second check was signed by Don Jr., the same $35,000 a month installment payment for the hush money,” Davis said.

Wow. Watch out, Don Jr. They’re coming for you.





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