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Mike Pence Has Disrespected The Entire Olympic Games With A Single Sick Act



Vice President Mike Pence didn’t have the best of nights when he attended the VIP reception before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. First, he showed up to the dinner late. According to Anna Ffield, a Washington Post reporter, when Pence showed up there were no seats for him. Apparently, he was supposed to have dinner with the US athletes but by the time he showed up dinner was in service and someone took his seat.

If that wasn’t awkward enough, he decided to make it weirder. Pence approached a table of dignitaries where he shook hands and said hi to everyone but one person: North Korea’s ceremonial head of state Kim Yong Name. Kim was next to International Olympic Committee Chairman Thomas Bach and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, according to the Huffington Post, so there have to have been an interesting conversation that took place after Pence left.

Here’s the problem with Pence’s behavior. First, he showed up a late to a dinner honoring American Olympians. This on its own smacks of disrespect but then to add fuel to the fire, he decides to act like a child when he visits the dignitaries’ table.

This is why I’m not so quick to pull the Trump needs impeached button because this is the guy who would take over if Trump left. And as bad and ridiculous as Trump is most of the time, Pence is much worse. Here’s a Corporate America yes man with a much more rigid view of how things should work.

Remember, he attended an NFL football game only to leave when he knew players would protest the National Anthem. He called the players unpatriotic while completing ignoring what the protests really represent. His actions then and now represent someone who’s at best a jackass and is a poor representative of our country.





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