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Mike Pence Nearly Stabbed Trump In The Back During Last Year’s Election



During last year’s presidential election season, then-vice presidential candidate Mike Pence offered to replace Donald Trump on the top of his party’s ticket after the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape implicating Trump in sexual misconduct was publicly released.

It’s been reported that after that tape came out, Pence wrote to Trump telling him he needed time to think about whether he was sticking with Trump or dropping out of the race himself. But the Atlantic now reports that Pence was considering other alternatives as well.

Pence privately messaged the Republican National Committee to tell them that if they wanted Trump out, he’d gladly step in to fill the role as presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Pence wasn’t alone in the idea: several donors to the RNC had also suggested that Pence, alongside former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, would make a dream replacement ticket for the Republicans, with only four weeks to go until Election Day 2016.

What’s more, Pence didn’t make the suggestion to the RNC after just a few days of contemplation. Rather, the idea that he could be ready to replace Trump came mere hours after the video was released.

In other words, Pence probably already recognized the disaster of a candidate that Trump had already become. His offer to the RNC, coming almost just as the video of Trump bragging about grabbing women by their genitals, gave him an opportunity to move up on the ticket, a move he likely contemplated before the video came out.

Although that is just speculation as of right now, it isn’t a far-fetched idea. Trump, if he ever gets his hand on a copy of the Atlantic article (or has it summarized by one of his subordinates), might start looking over his shoulder in the days and weeks ahead — not only because the investigation being led by Robert Mueller is getting closer to him, but because continued controversies might be used by his own vice president to remove him from office, through use of the 25th Amendment.





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