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Here’s How Trey Gowdy Could Be Next In Mueller’s Russian Collusion Investigation



The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller seems to finally be making some progress. The former Director of the FBI was commissioned by the Justice Department to investigate accusations that the 2016 campaign to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States colluded with Russian state actors and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in an attempt to cover it up. The list of big names that the probe has already taken down or brought on side is growing by the day, with perhaps Roger Stone being the latest big GOP figure to find his fate at the hands of the great Bob Mueller.

However, it now seems that Mueller has yet another Republican name to add to the list, and it is not someone we expected. It is not even someone who has really been suspected of anything. But when you slip up in the modern unpredictable world of American politics, you should expect to be called out on your actions, as this guy found out recently in the most brutal and disastrous way possible.

Trey Gowdy announced last month, in a letter to former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,that he would be stepping down from his influential and long held position on the House Ethics Committee. But in the process, he inadvertently focused quite a lot of attention on past comments he has made to do with politics surrounding Russia, and that is – quite rightly – leading a lot of people to question his motives here and throwing up a huge amount of profoundly troubling questions about his past.

Let’s break down the timeline here. First, there’s the fact that Gowdy’s super PAC suddenly started receiving large sums of money when the House Intelligence Committee began investigating Trump and the accusations of collusion with Russia, which is insanely suspicious in and of itself. Then, as Scott Dworkin, founder and leader of the Democratic Coalition, revealed on Twitter in 2017, it came to light that Gowdy had faced a House Ethics complaint against him over his conduct in the investigation of the conduct of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Benghazi.

Here’s the kicker. In an interview with CNN reporter Manu Raju, Gowdy let slip his extremely worrying belief that “it’s not unusual for Russians to contact campaigns”, as though we should all just turn a blind eye to those kinds of communications.

Putting all this together it’s not a huge step to think that Mueller could be naming Gowdy in his investigation sooner rather than later. Gowdy was a huge voice and a well respected Ethics Committee Chairman on the right and with the GOP as a whole. Why would he just step down seemingly out of nowhere?

Huge amounts of alarm bells went off across the country when people started to make the connections between these happenings, and it will surely not be long before Gowdy’s actions come back to bite him. Don’t for a second think this recent stepping down is not coincidental. Gowdy sees the writing on the wall. Mueller is coming for him.





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