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Mueller Given Even More Ammo Against Trump As New Tape Surfaces, White House In Panick Mode



The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is highly likely to be the most significant thing about the presidency of Donald Trump. When history looks back on his sad single term in the White House, it will quickly become clear that every single thing Trump did during his time in office (and all those things he tried to do but failed miserably) must be seen in the context of a damning probe looming over the top of his head for so much of that period. The scandal regarding alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian state actors, as well as alleged subsequent obstruction of justice, has essentially discredited all of the moves he has made in the world of politics.

At this point, the mound of evidence that is piling up against Trump in the Russia case is becoming almost farcical. In the latest development, Trump’s repeated claims that he is not building a Trump Tower in Moscow (and therefore investing a huge amount of money in the Russian economy and doing Putin and his cronies a massive favor) were finally proven wrong by a damning leaked video which appears to show the President organizing just such a project. IR reports:

While it has pretty much been confirmed that Donald Trump had been working on plans to build a Towering Hotel in Moscow during his 2015-2016 presidential bid, new direct evidence of such plans as early as 2013 has just boiled to the surface. While Trump claimed on numerous occasions that he had no business ties to Russia, a video, which was filmed at a November 2013 press conference in Russia, proves that he had every intention of building what may have been Moscow’s tallest skyscraper hotel.

First pointed out by Scott Dworkin, the Co-Founder of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, the Forbes video shows Trump bragging about his ambitious plans for a Moscow Trump Tower.

“We’ve met with a number of people and we may do something in Moscow and various parts of Russia. But we have had some meetings while I’m here and we could very well do something. We are thinking about doing a Trump Tower, Moscow, so we are talking to a group of people about doing that,” Trump stated to a reporter in November of 2013.

Dworkin tweeted: “This video of Trump talking about building Trump Tower in Moscow–needs to go viral.

Throughout his campaign, Trump repeatedly said that he never any any business in Russia and no connections with Russia what-so-ever. The fact that he was actually planning on building what likely would have been the largest building in Moscow, all while campaigning with the promise that he had no business ties to the country, shows just how far he was willing to go in order to deceive the American people and squash the whole Trump/Russia narrative.

While this video doesn’t prove a crime took place by any means, it does show that the President has publicly tried to cover up his dealings with a nation that is accused of helping him win the 2016 election.

If this does not get Trump impeached, I genuinely don’t know what will.





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