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Mueller’s Most Recent Inquiries Will Have Trump Freaking The F*** Out



Robert Mueller’s team is on the hunt again. This time, they directed the Justice Department to turn over documents, specifically emails related to the firing of then FBI director James Comey and Attorney General Jess Sessions’ decision to remove himself from the matter, according to ABC News.

This is important because it shows Muller’s team is still investigating whether Trump or anyone close to him influenced the ongoing investigation. One can make a safe argument this is happening in a small degree, based on Trump’s regular Twitter tantrums, accusing Hillary Clinton of being the one with the Russian connection and using mouthpieces such as Sean Hannity to echo it.

It’s one thing to defend yourself against accusations. Everyone has their place to do it. That said, whatever happened to, “this is not true,” then moving on? Instead, Trump denies it, calls the intelligence department to task when they have proof Russia tried to influence last year’s elections and deflects the blame to Hillary. This is hardly proper conduct for a leader who should be spending more of his time identifying and solving real issues instead of pointing the finger.

Trump has also been critical of Sessions. He said he wouldn’t have appointed Sessions to the Attorney General position if he knew Sessions would wash his hands of this matter.

Sessions said the reason he stepped away was his role as the foreign policy adviser in the Trump campaign might make his impartiality questioned. It also doesn’t help that Sessions has at best a hazy memory when it comes to recalling critical details such as George Papadopoulos speaking with Russian operatives.

It’s a shit show. You have a president who would rather spend his time blaming others and an Attorney General who’s on autopilot half the time with, “I can’t recall,” when asked about events.

One thing is for certain, Mueller’s team will unlock the truth. And when they do, let’s hope this is the catalyst for the political changes our country needs.





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