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National Security Expert Believes Putin May Be Controlling The White House In Full



We live in strange and terrifying times. The world of American politics is like a real life Twilight Zone in which previously totally inconcievable things now seem totally normal. The current President of the United States and leader of the free world was forced to deny being an active Russian agent whilst also residing in the White House. He and his entire election campaign, and most of his White House and administration, and under investigation for alleged collusion with the Kremlin in order to steal the election result from the Democrats.

President Donald Trump and his relationship with the government of Russia is possibly the most petrifying thing to happen in American politics in a very long time. It is insane that no one bats an eyelid as more and more evidence emerges showing how Trump and his 2016 election campaign were in constant contact with Russian officials and business people and were clearly seeking their help to discredit Hillary Clinton.

This all came to a head recently when a national security expert by the name of Samantha Vinograd went on live TV to explain how she believes there is still a very real chance that the Trump White House is being directly controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. She went live on CNN to make her bold statements about the state of our nation:

“Is that investigation still ongoing? McCabe has said that the president’s moves to undercut investigations, to believe Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence officials, to make personnel decisions based on Russia-related matters all led to this investigation,” Vinograd pointed out.

“McCabe would have laid that out before the Gang of Eight [a bipartisan group of congressional leaders],” she continued. “But just in the past few days, the counterintelligence red flags are flying a lot higher than they did, arguably, then, when this investigation was first launched [in 2017],” the national security expert said. She suggested that others in the government may have been briefed and that the probe is ongoing. It is entirely possible…that this investigation is continuing and there is still a chance that Vladimir Putin is controlling the White House,” she concluded.

Wow. If that is not a damning indictment of the current situation we find ourselves in within the world of American politics, then nothing is.

She was responding primarily to the recent announcement by former Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe that he still believes Trump is a national security threat. How is it still possible for some people to bury their heads in the sand on this?





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