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National Security Expert Says On Trump And His Presidency: Most Of The Country Thinks You’re A Traitor



The record of President Donald Trump during his time in the White House so far is not at all a good one. The current President of the United States has had to deny being an active Russian agent, and is currently being investigated by a Special Counsel for allegations of collusion with Russia. It is not looking good for him going forward, either: several of the big Trump names have already been taken down, and the pile of damning evidence against him seems to grow almost by the day.

The problem for Trump really is that he is not capable of dealing with these problems. He refuses to ‘fess up to anything, ever, because that would require humility, so instead he just lashes out. When Robert Mueller makes progress in his investigation, he calls the probe a Witch Hunt and Full of Dems. Whenever the FBI does anything at all, he makes deranged claims about the Deep State and promises, yet again, to Drain The Swamp. And whenever the press reports on anything at all, he shouts Fake News Media and calls them the True Enemy of the People.

This point was honed in on brilliantly by National Security expert Malcolm Nance in a recent interview:

“These phrases, ‘taking down an elected president’, ‘a bureaucratic coup’ — this is Donald Trump’s characterization” of “the patriots at the FBI and the Department of justice, who were defending the Constitution of the United States, using their sworn positions to identify a threat to the United States,” he said. “Investigators were confronted by the fact that we had a candidate for president of the United States, now president of the United States, who may, in fact, have been an asset or an agent of a foreign power,” he added.

“I was talking about all the activities we were seeing between Donald Trump and the Russians, and he said, ‘are you accusing Donald Trump of being a traitor?’” Nance said. “That word is now being used publicly, openly, and the phrase ‘treason.’ Rhetorically, the president of the United States cannot go around tweeting about people who are investigating his activities as being treasonous because we may have that as a fact at the end of this,” he continued. “The president of the United States may have committed treason.”

That’s right. This National Security Expert is now casually saying that Trump being a “traitor” and having “committed treason” is the situation we are in. How did we get here? And can America ever recover the integrity of its democracy?





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