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Nearly Half Of People In New Poll Think Trump Is Mentally Unstable



President Donald Trump might start popping antacids like they’re M&M’s after reading the latest poll numbers. ABC News and the Washington Post conducted multiple polls on the president with none of them being too favorable.

Recently, Trump declared himself a genius. 73 percent of the people polled tend to disagree. Perhaps, it might do the president well to shut his mouth and not make claims his mind can’t cash.

Moving on to job approval, it’s dreadful. Of the people polled, only 36 percent approve of Trump’s job performance–this is the lowest approval rating for a modern president at this point in their job, according to ABC News. The next lowest belonged to Gerald Ford, who had a 45-percent approval rating in 1975.

What’s interesting to note is Trump fills his days speaking of how great of a job he’s doing and how he’s making the country a better place, but as the polls show, it’s falling on mostly deaf ears. And there are many reasons for this.

The recent passage of the tax bill ruffled many feathers. It wasn’t only that it gifted business by dropping the corporate tax rate to 21 percent, it took away other tax breaks for things regular people use such as medical expenses. 60 percent of people polled by ABC News said the tax bill favors the wealthy–even the wealthy advocated for a more balanced tax bill.

Another sticking point concerns immigration. Trump wants to do away with the DACA. This is a program that allows kids who immigrated with their parents to America to retain visas to stay here. Instead of supporting a program that 87-percent of those polled approve of, Trump is trying to do away with it or use it as a bargaining chip for his border wall.

What you’ll notice with these poll findings is a distinctive difference in what the majority of Americans want for their country and what Trump wants. Then again, Trump has been appealing to a smaller market–the Rich–so this isn’t surprising. And there’s one other stat he won’t enjoy learning of.

One poll question asked if people thought Trump was mentally stable. 47 percent of those poll didn’t believe he was while 48 percent did. While this was a much more balanced result, could you imagine being in a job where half the people around you didn’t think you had the mental capacity to do a good job?





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