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Neo-Nazi Group Claiming They Have Rights To Harass Jews Shut Down By US District Judge



The Daily Stormer is hard to define. In one sense, it is a news website, in that it contains articles written about things that are happening in the world, but almost nothing published there is factually true so using the word “news” seems wrong. Essentially, it is a hub of hate-fuelling, violence-inciting white supremacist propaganda, run by a bunch of skinhead neo-Nazis.

The leader of said skinheads is a deplorable man called Andrew Anglin, who recently found himself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. He has been taken to court for alleged harassment; since 2016, The Daily Stormer has been publishing a series of articles directly attacking a Jewish real estate agent called Tanya Gersh.

Accused of coordinating a “terror campaign” against Ms. Gersh, Anglin’s legal team must have had a tough time coming up with a defense. In the end, they cooked up an absolute blinder: “Yeah, but, free speech.”

That’s right. This overtly racist neo-Nazi tried to defend carrying out a targeted campaign of hateful propaganda against an individual because of her religion by saying he was allowed to do it under the First Amendment.

Shockingly, that didn’t fly in court. Dana L. Christensen, who is the chief judge for the United States District Court in Missoula, Montana, issued a brutal ruling in which he totally destroyed the Nazis’ defense. He pointed out the very important fact that Ms. Gersh is a private individual, not a public figure, so Anglin doesn’t have the right to harass her.

He also noted, crucially, that Anglin was not just innocently doing journalism, but that he was in fact directly inciting his readers and followers to harass her as part of a personal campaign. Which is clearly not in the First Amendment.

The entire basis for the harassment project is insane anyway. The starting point was when Gersh of Whitefish, Montana had some interactions with Sherry Spencer, mother of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer. Some people were apparently planning an anti-racist protest in the town of Whitefish so Ms. Spencer decided she’d like to sell her house there, so she got in touch with Gersh.

Then, an unrelated video emerged showing Mr. Spencer going on an anti-Semitic rant and shouting “Hail Trump! Hail our people!” That was what inspired Anglin’s horrific but pathetic campaign against Gersh.

To any normal human being with a mere ounce of rationality and common sense, this makes zero sense. There is no logic whatsoever to Anglin’s actions here; they are fuelled by emotion driven by outrageous prejudice and hate. Too right that the judge came down on him so hard.





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