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New Evidence Shows Ivanka Trump Has Allegedly Worked With Terrorists Through Trump Org.



It is perfectly obvious to even the most casual observer of American politics today that the United States is no longer a democracy. It is an oligarchy controlled solely by the right wing establishment of Washington, led, of course, by President Donald Trump. He was elected in a hugely questionable way, and now seems to be engaged in an enormous cover up to hide the details of collusion with Russia in the presidential election. What’s more, he has packed the White House and his administration with his family and his close associates, so that essentially everyone who occupies a significant position within the Trump administration either has close business ties with the Trump Organization, or their surname is literally Trump.

A case in point is Ivanka Trump. The President literally created a whole new position for his favorite daughter, who now holds the office of First Daughter and serves as a close aide and senior adviser to the President, despite having zero experience or qualifications for that role whatsoever. Her incompetence has been proved countless times, such as through the fact that she used her private email accounts to handle even classified government information, making the scandal over Hillary Clinton‘s emails look like childplay. She was not fired for that, of course, because her boss is her father, who also happens to be an immensely powerful billionaire, as well as President of the United States and leader of the free world.

However, these latest reports might just take her down for good, since they seem to be even more serious than anything we have learned about her before. It seems that the Trump Organization (in practice, more or less exclusively Ivanka) may have worked closely with terrorist organizations. Reporter Adam Davidson put out the following request for clarity on this issue, since it seems too insane to be true, even for the Trump family:

I would appreciate a sanctions expert walking us through the Trump Org’s own culpability under the new IRGC designation. Would a US company that knew its partners in Azerbaijan were likely part of an IRGC money laundering and WMD scheme be sanctioned?

Legal expert Seth Abramson then provided the necessary explanation:

If this doesn’t take down the Trump administration, nothing will.





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