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New Information Shows A Far More Sinister Motive For Trump’s Tax Cuts, Trying To Create A Trade War



President Donald Trump is a capitalist to his finger tips. In the two years that he has served so far in the high office of President of the United States and leader of the free world, he has sought to express that by making life as easy as possible for big businesses and his rich friends, whilst making life considerably more difficult for the poorer sections of American society. This should not be a big surprise to anyone, since we are dealing with a man here who only got where he is today because he inherited a multi billion pound business empire from his father. In spite of the fact that he has declared bankruptcy at least six times in his life, Trump remains at the top of the right wing Washington establishment, which just goes to show how he feels about who should control America’s money.

To date, the biggest move Trump has made to try and make the United States as much like a ruthless business as possible is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, in which he essentially tried to cut taxes for big business to make things easier for his rich friends. Sadly for him though, the true results of that policy are now coming to light:

At the moment trends are moving in the wrong direction. Business’ plans for capital expenditures have been declining for about a year now, according to an index maintained by Morgan Stanley. And aside from those who work for the White House, most economists — including those who work at the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund — expect US economic growth to decline to about 2.1% to 2.3% in 2019. “If you look at the US economy, it’s not lack of cash that’s keeping companies from investing,” Pomerleau said.

“The whole issue is whether that cash can be deployed in a productive manner. Are there investments out there that result in a high enough after-tax return to be worthwhile?” As evidence that there aren’t, most multinational companies haven’t fundamentally changed the complex tax structures that allow them to book profits overseas, according to an analysis by Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Brad Setser. Meanwhile, the White House has engaged in a trade war that makes raw materials like lumber and steel more expensive in the US, raising the cost of domestic production.”You have two tax policies working against one another,” Pomerleau says.

The American people will not put up with this. A Blue Wave is coming!





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