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New Poll Shows Just How Detached From Reality Trump Supporters Truly Are



A new poll demonstrates the undying support that most supporters of Donald Trump have for the president — which could prove to be fatalistic for the good of the country.

A poll released yesterday by Public Policy Polling shows that 79 percent of individuals who say they voted for Trump last year say he should remain in office — even if it’s revealed that he was aware of and a willing participant in colluding with Russia to win the election. Only 11 percent of Trump supporters say that he should step down.

Eighty percent of Trump voters also describe him as “honest,” and two-thirds of Trump voters think he has successfully “Made American Great Again.” Fifty-five percent already assume he’s accomplished more than any other president has in American history.

There is some good news in this poll: while Trump supporters are pledging their blind loyalty to the president in spite of evidence to the contrary, they are in the vast minority. For example, while Trump supporters give him an 83 percent approval rating, only 38 percent of Americans overall approved of his tenure in office so far, with 56 percent disapproving. A majority of Americans (54 percent) also hope the president would resign from office if Russian collusion is proven true.

But the underlying problem still exists: a substantial number of Americans are willing to believe this president even when it’s so blatantly clear that he’s lying to them. And as we’ve already seen last November, a minority of Americans can drastically alter the outcome of elections across the nation. Extremist candidates mirroring Trump’s attitudes are also becoming more prevalent.

It is imperative that these voters change their attitudes, and become more accepting of discernible facts that demonstrate the president is a terrible leader. Unfortunately, it’s not precisely clear how we go about doing that — which creates terrifying prospects for the future of our democracy.





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