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New Polls Show Democrats Hold 14-Point Lead Over GOP In Generic House Matchup



Less than two months out from Election Day in November, Democrats have a noticeable advantage over Republicans, according to recent polling data.

The Quinnipiac University poll, which was conducted over the past weekend, found that 58 percent of Americans want a Congress that served as a stronger “check” on President Donald Trump. Only 27 percent said the legislative branch is “doing enough” to stand up to the president.

Congress’s approval rating remained dismally low as well, with only 18 percent of Americans approving of their work. Seventy-two percent said they disapproved.

When it comes to who Americans plan on voting for, the survey discovered that Democrats were largely preferred by a 14-point margin. A majority (52 percent) said they would vote for a generic Democratic candidate for office, while just 38 percent said they would rather back a Republican.

That stat in particular should cause some concerns for Republicans. A similar poll in August found a tighter margin between the two parties, with just a 9-point difference in preferences among American voters.

Republicans seem to have recognized the real possibility of losing their control over the House, although some have a rosier view of what their chances really are. Last weekend, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that the GOP had a 50-50 chance of keeping hold of the House.

Others are much more skeptical. As of Wednesday morning, projected that Democrats had more than an 80 percent chance of capturing the House in November. The possibility of Democrats winning the Senate, however, is much less real.

In order to take back full control of the House of Representatives, Democrats would need to retain all of their current House seats as well as “flip” 24 Republican districts toward Democratic candidates. Many Congressional lawmakers are not running for re-election, including 39 Republicans and 18 Democrats.  

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