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New Reports Are Saying Devin Nunes Created Fake News Website To Fool The Public



We are living in the age of idiocracy. The Republicans, who are trying anything to throw the F.B.I. under the bus for having the gall to investigate president Donald Trump’s possible collusion with Russia, have face planted spectacularly.

Their moment of redemption was supposed to be the Nunes memo, which alleged surveillance abuses from the F.B.I. The memo also accused the bureau of using political bias to target a former member of the Trump administration, Carter Page.

What the memo failed to report was Page had contacts throughout Russia thanks to his business interests. Time Magazine reported Page even bragged about helping the Kremlin back in 2013, one year before the Christopher Steele dossier that was paid for in part by Democrats and according to the Nunes memo, a point of justification the F.B.I. used to request surveillance on Page.

The problems don’t end there, however. It turns out the author of this infamous memo, Representative Devin Nunes, runs his own fake news website. POLITICO reports Nunes’ campaign started The California Republican. According to the website’s Facebook page, the goal of it is to have “the best U.S., California, and Central Valley news, sports, and analysis.”

If there’s any question into the intent behind the website’s creation, POLITICO learned Alex Tavlian of Sultana Media registered the website after receiving payment of $7,773 by the Nunes’ campaign.

Essentially, Nunes bought a website for advertisement and marketed under the guise of it being a leading news website. Let’s forget for a moment he failed to do even basic research on the memo that was going to be the Republicans’ sweet vindication. Time magazine apparently has much better research skills than Nunes.

Furthermore, some Republicans including Trump backed this memo without considering its source. The source bought a website for himself to try to distribute fake news to garner himself attention. This wouldn’t read well on a book jacket and it sure as hell doesn’t bode well for a memo that received plenty of hype but lacked substance.

It’s clear the Republicans are running out of ways to try to derail the investigation against Trump.





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