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New Reports Reveal Russian Bots Were Active On Election Day 2016



The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into President Donald Trump, his Organization, his White House, his administration, his close circle and his White House seems now like it has been going on for many lifetimes. It certainly feels like much longer than two years ago at this point that the Justice Department (specifically, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) found itself forced to commission the former Director of the FBI to set up a probe to investigate the claims that the campaign to elect then Republican candidate Donald Trump as President of the United States and leader of the free world during the 2016 presidential election colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the result of the election and the White House from rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in a desperate attempt to cover it up.

Surely, before this whole thing exploded into the public domain, no one could ever have expected that the Russian state and the Kremlin would be playing such a prominent role in domestic discussions of American politics. Who on Earth would ever have predicted just a few years ago, for example, that we would soon be in a situation where the sitting President of the United States is forced to deny being an active Russian agent?

Of course, the vast majority of the talk surrounding Russia and the role that they may or may not be playing in our American democracy concerns the presidential election of 2016, in which Donald Trump entered the White House for the first time. However, new reports suggest extremely troubling Russian attempts at interference much more recently than that – in the midterm elections that took place in November of last year. The reports suggest that a Russian troll and bot farm was trying to influence the election on Election Day (November 6, 2018) and that the US military was forced to step in and shut them down by cutting off their Internet access.

A source close to the matter was quoted as saying: “They basically took the IRA (Internet Research Agency) offline. They shut ‘em down.” Then, an official statement from the cyber warfare unit at the Pentagon – which works closely with the National Security Agency – outright refused to comment on the issue, saying it did not comment on cyberspace operations, but did say it would continue to “defend our elections and democratic institutions from foreign malign influence.”

If this turns out to be true, it is quite incredible. What next? Are the Russians skewing the result of America’s Got Talent too?





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