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Newly Elected House Democrats Are About To Make The Shutdown Backfire In Trump’s Face



The ongoing partial government shutdown instigated by President Donald Trump is now officially the longest shutdown in the political history of the United States. The President is essentially holding the government hostage until the newly elected Democrats who now control the House of Representatives agree to give him a multi billion dollar funding package so that he can build a Border Wall along the Southern Border, as he promised during his 2016 election campaign.

As you can probably imagine, all those eager budding new Democratic members of Congress who were elected in the midterm elections of last November were hoping excitedly to get on with the business of actual government as soon as they took office, so this needless and quite ridiculous shutdown is a massive disappointment for them. More than that, its consequences are starting to become apparent, as vast swathes of federal employees are simply not being paid and life gets harder for them every day that the shutdown continues.

So, these budding new members of Congress are seizing the initiative. New reports suggest that they are going to use extraordinary political cunning to make this shutdown backfire on President Trump in a million ways he never even imagined, using one very simple weapon: PR. The new members, reportedly being led by a de facto ringleader in Rep. Susie Lee of Nevada, are going to seize the narrative of the shutdown publicly and turn the American public against the President, exposing him for who he really is and what he is really doing and, most importantly, his true motivations for these destructive and harmful policies.

The first idea was to send an open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell, leader of the GOP majority in the Senate, calling him out for his inaction and publicly demanding he reopen the government. Then, Rep. Katie Hill of California had an even better idea: why not turn it into a camera friendly practical exercise, and expose even more starkly just how incomprehensibly ludicrous the whole current situation is. So, they decided to march on McConnell’s Capitol office totally unnanounced, followed closely by an army of journalists.

This was just the first in a whole string of moves designed to shine the limelight mercilessly on those who are truly responsible for the insane situation we currently find ourselves in – all of whom are, of course, senior officials in the Republican party. This gives me extremely high hopes for the near future of our politics: with these people in power, maybe someone will finally hold President Trump and his cronies to account once and for all.





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