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Obama Throws Major Shade At Trump: “Unlike Some, I Don’t Believe In Just Making Stuff Up”



We live in an age of post-truth. An America that elects Trump to the highest throne in the land is an America that no longer cares about facts, that is no longer bothered about whether what they would quite like to be true actually is true. More than that, we live in an America that openly tells truth to get lost and embraces the very worst of its prejudices and divisive politics.

It is for that reason that it is so immensely satisfying when someone capable of some actual thinking speaks up and provides some basic logic that we can hang onto. It’s even better when that person is the same person who made history by becoming America‘s first non-white President and worked tirelessly for the better part of a decade to lead our nation into a brighter progressive era.

In this recent speech, Barack Obama utterly demolished Trump’s entire worldview and his whole approach to politics. Clearly brimming with fury but also espousing a seed of hope for this country, Obama did not hold back at all as he absolutely laid into the utter disgrace that is Trump. Here’s what he said.

“Unlike some, I actually try to state facts. I believe in facts. I believe in a fact-based reality and a fact-based politics. I don’t believe in just making stuff up. I think you should, like, actually say to people what’s true. So here’s what’s true: They handed out $1.5 trillion in tax cuts aimed at billionaires and corporations. It was not done for you. They didn’t even pretend to pay for it.”

Here at Blue Side Nation, we agree with every single word of what Obama said there so strongly it actually hurts. He’s so goddamn right. What the hell happened to facts? How is it possible that Kellyanne Conway, ‘alternative facts’ lady, is still a senior White House adviser? How is it possible that our President is known to have made and stuck by at least 5,000 false or misleading statements on the record? What the hell happened to our country?!

This guy insisted that he had more people at his inauguration than his predecessor, even in the face of damning photographic evidence to the contrary. He has openly misled the nation on countless political issues ranging from America’s relations with a wide range of countries to the number of illegal immigrants here to crime rates to counter-terrorism efforts – the list goes on.

And yet, here we are. My friends, take solace in Obama and then vote blue. It’s all we can do.





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