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Obama’s Former Photographer Just Delivered A Brutal Burn On Trump With One Picture



So Trump thought he could troll Time Magazine. Instead, he got trolled – by President Obama’s photographer.

This all started when Trump released a single tweet, saying that Time Magazine called and wanted to let him know he might get picked as Person of the Year. He said not good enough.

By the way, the title of the award that Trump did not receive is Person of the Year, not Man of the Year, and certainly not Man (Person) of the Year. While Trump was named Person of the Year for 2016 after winning the election, it seems incredibly unlikely that he would win any award where he would supposed to demonstrate any positive qualities, especially Time’s Person of the Year; unless of course Fox News was picking the winner. Time Magazine and its chief content editor Alan Murray followed up on Twitter to express their displeasure over Trump’s lie.

Pete Souza, the official White House photographer during Obama’s eight glorious years as president, reposted from account @MichelleandBarack an incredible compilation on Instagram, which showed every single cover of Time Magazine that the Obamas graced with their presence.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Makes you feel wistful, remembering better, simpler days? Me too. If you are ever in the mood to really start getting teary-eyed, Souza has been trolling Trump all year by posting images of  Obama being poised and presidential in a similar situation to the real time, world news where Trump is acting like callous buffoon. However, I actually have a serious question with this Person of the Year situation. Nobody knows where Trump gets his wild and crazy ideas, but truly, who gave him the idea to tweet that Time Magazine called and possibly wanted to put him on the cover? I don’t understand how one can just create that entire scenario out of thin air. All the more reason not to put him on the cover.





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