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Panel Believes Rudy Giuliani Is About To Turn On Trump: I Expect Him To Say Trump Is Guilty Of Everything



Rudy Giuliani is an excellent illustration of everything that is wrong with American politics right now. He is a pinnacle of the Republican establishment, so he has of course been taken under the wing of President Donald Trump (presumably as part of his ongoing noble and valiant efforts to Drain The Swamp). Now of course he is essentially working as a lawyer to Trump (ever since Michael Cohen had a public falling out with the President that culminated him admitting to having lied to investigators). So, these days, Giuliani spends his days assuring us that there was definitely, absolutely no collusion between Trump and Russia in 2016. Promise.

Inevitably, nobody is buying this nonsense, so it is only a matter of time before the full weight of the law comes crushing down on top of him (and, of course, his bosses in the White House) for peddling all of this Fake News. In the meantime, political commentators and pundits such as us here at Blue Side Nation are left to watch on in awe as he continues to spout total rubbish with impressive conviction, riling people up left, right and center in the process. Take, for instance, the comment he recently made on the CNN State of the Union programme, concerning the allegation that Trump colluded with Cohen in order to cheat investigators: “So what if he talked to him?” What an excellent lesson in how to spectacularly miss the point of something.

A memorable example of that was visible on MSNBC recently, when a panel went on to the Joy with Joy Reid show seemingly with the express purpose of completely destroying Rudy Giuliani on live TV. One of the panelists was Tara Dowdell, who knew President Trump before he came President of the United States by being a contestant on The Apprentice, said: “Every week Rudy Giuliani gets on TV and confesses another crime. I expect him to say in two weeks that Trump is guilty of everything.”

Another key topic of discussion was the claim that the Trump Tower project had “petered out quite a bit”, with Giuliani adding (on the NBC Meet The Press programme with Chuck Todd) “that is about as much as he can remember of it.” E. J. Dionne, columnist at the Washington Post, was having none of it:

“If there’s ever a trial on all of this, I think a whole day of the trial will just be jurors watching old Rudy Giuliani tapes and clips because the number of times, he is essentially confirming Trump lied through his teeth about doing business with Russia in that period—it’s just astounding.”

Absolutely right!





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