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Pence Compared Trump To Martin Luther King, King’s Son’s Response Is Perfection



If there are two major figures in American political history who could not be further apart, it would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Donald Trump. The first was a pioneer and hero who stood up for oppressed minorities and effected real political change through sheer effort and dedication, and because he truly believed in racial equality and universal rights in a free United States. The other is a billionaire member of the political establishment who has made innumerable racist comments and is using his position as President of the United States and leader of the free world to enforce his xenophobic views on American citizens.

It is – or, at least, it really should be – perfectly obvious that these people are not similar in any way. Even Trump supporters must surely accept that their Republican, nationalist, protectionist President is not the same as a grassroots activist for African American rights. Yet, incredibly, a very senior member of the White House recently went on live TV to try to claim that Trump and King are somehow the same. Vice President Mike Pence went on the Face The Nation programme on CBS and what he said to host Margaret Brennan was truly jaw-dropping.

“The hearts and minds of the American people today are thinking a lot about it being the weekend where we remember the life and work of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But one of my favorite quotes from Dr. King was, “Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy.” You think of how he changed America. He inspired us to change through the legislative process to become a more perfect union. That’s exactly what President Trump is calling on the Congress to do. Come to the table in a spirit of good faith. We’ll secure our border, we’ll reopen the government and we’ll move our nation forward as the president said yesterday to even a broader discussion about immigration reform in the months ahead.”

The delusion of these people is just amazing. But King’s own son, Martin Luther King III, apparently saw the interview and was so enraged that he felt the need to publicly comment. At a National Action Network Breakfast, he said, quite simply:

“Martin Luther King Jr. was a bridge builder, not a wall builder. Martin Luther King Jr. would say love, not hate, will make America great.”

Too right!





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