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Public Campaign To Force Trump’s Resignation Has Officially Been Launched



The word “impeachment” has been thrown around a huge amount over the past two years, simply because such huge swathes of the country are so desperate to see the back of President Donald Trump once and for all. That just goes to show that America today is an oligarchy, not a democracy – Donald Trump sits in the White House because his ludicrous policies cater to the economic needs and xenophobic whims of the big business types who actually run this country.

Impeachment has been talked about lately even more than usual, since the Democrats retook control of the House of Representatives at the midterm elections last November. However, that might not even be necessary. A new campaign started by Scott Dworkin and the Democratic Coalition has started up to try to whip up public momentum for Trump’s resignation right now, with no need for long and complex impeachment processes. Check out their thinking:

“Donald Trump needs to resign. It would be best for everyone. And it almost seems like he’s begging to be pushed out the door.

He shows this by the fact he golfs nearly every weekend instead of working. He shows this by the fact he calls the White House “a dump.” He shows this by the way he makes almost zero effort to uphold the dignity of the office. He shows this in how he attacks every institution our country has revered for centuries, from our freedom of the press to our constitutional separation of powers.

But why exactly should Trump resign? Let’s review his record:

– Polling shows he is consistently backed by only 35 – 40% of the country and large majorities of Americans don’t trust him and are embarrassed by his behavior.

– He has passed very little major legislation through Congress and his disgusting tax scam only serves to further enrich the wealthy – a law that is already ballooning the deficit and busting our budget.

– He has reversed or failed to act upon nearly every major promise he made while running for this job. In fact, he has told thousands of lies big and small since his first day in office – simply put, he is the most blatantly dishonest President our country has ever seen. And where he has fulfilled promises, they have destroyed our credibility around the world, like in the Iran Deal or Paris Agreement.

– He has committed obstruction of justice and his businesses and family members are facing multiple investigations. Dozens of people have been indicted and the lies pile up daily. Multiple associates of the president have already implicated him in directing them to commit federal crimes.

– At the very least, he openly welcomed a foreign power to attack our democracy and looked the other way while his campaign colluded with the enemy. At the worst, he actively participated in the crime himself. Mueller is still wading through all the lies and obstruction. As president, he has consistently sided with Putin on nearly every wish list item the Russian dictator wants.

– He has attacked, marginalized, and belittled nearly every minority group in this country and referred to “shithole countries” during an immigration discussion.

– He has repeatedly violated the Title of Nobility Clause, as explained in Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution by constantly using his businesses and properties to enrich himself with money from foreign agents.

– He has disgustingly coddled the most vicious hate groups our country has to offer and for far too long refused to condemn their violence and bigotry.

And that last point is really the crux of the issue: if he can’t uphold, defend, and venerate our basic values as a nation, and if he can’t find the will or words to speak to all Americans, regardless of whether they’ve been nice to him, then, quite simply, he can’t be president.

A man who can’t exist beyond his own ego cannot effectively lead this nation.

Put aside for a moment his unceasing dishonesty, his lack of temperament or qualifications for the job he holds, and his ongoing and unabashed efforts to openly profit from being president, all of which would be reason enough to force him from office. With Charlottesville, we saw perhaps his greatest failing: an absolute and uncorrectable inability to be a leader.

Every day that he remains president is a day that further diminishes our values, our basic decency, and our nation as a whole. The time has come for every American, regardless of their partisan affiliation, to demand that he relinquish this office.”

I don’t know about you, but here at Blue Side Nation, we all agree that President Trump needs to go now rather than later. So we strongly recommend that you head over to Dworkin’s campaign website and check out what they’re doing. You never know – it might just save us all, when we expect it least and need it most.





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