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Putin praises Biden’s mental acumen, and it’s killing Donald Trump



While some in the U.S. conservative media and the Russian media tend to write that President Joe Biden is mentally feeble, even senile, Russian President Vladimir Putin says that is not true, after the two met on Wednesday for their first summit in Geneva.

via Twitter

Putin seemingly shut down speculation on Biden’s mental health and fitness to lead after a Russian senator asked if Biden was suffering from dementia:

“The image of President Biden that our, and even American, media present has nothing to do with reality. Biden’s a professional, you have to be very attentive with him so as not to miss anything. He doesn’t let anything get by, I assure you.”

Joe Biden via Flickr / The White House

Many, especially right-wing Americans as well as some in the Russian media, have tried to spread the notion that the 78-year-old Biden is too old to be in the White House. Some even suggested that his use of note cards at the summit were evidence of a declining mental state, but Putin pushed back on that as well, noting that most world leaders do that.

Joe Biden via Flickr / The White House

Putin continued, talking about Press Sec. Jen Psaki:

“His press secretary is a young, educated, beautiful woman who’s always mixing things up. [Biden is] collected, knows what he wants to achieve and does it adroitly.”

Others noted, like New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, that former President Donald Trump may finally be accepting that he is not president anymore, six months after leaving office, and that seeing Biden on this global stage may be what is driving it:

“This is the event that underscored for people around Trump and the former president himself the fact that he’s not president anymore. This was the kind of event on the world stage, getting enormous attention, that he really enjoyed, that he saw as one of the trappings of the office that he thought spoke to a sense of power and strength… it was the real moment of, ‘Oh, someone else is president and not Donald Trump.'”

CNN host John Berman added that Trump has recently seemed particularly needy for attention, possibly because Biden is trending globally this week:

“His organization sent an email around yesterday telling everybody he’s more popular than ever before, he’s the leader of the Republican Party. It really seems to matter to him.”






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