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Rachel Maddow Just Revealed The Horrifying Homophobia In Mike Pence’s Past



There is, inevitably, a huge amount of chatter around the world of American politics about the possibility that President Donald Trump might get impeached soon by the newly empowered House Democrats. While we here at Blue Side Nation strongly believe it would be a very good thing for this awful President of the United States and leader of the free world to finally be forced out of office, we do have to take into account what would actually happen after that. The answer, of course, is that Vice President Mike Pence would get a chance to step up to the plate.

Pence was, of course, chosen as Donald Trump’s running mate, so he was never going to be a saint. But things may be much worse than we thought, and the one person we have to thank for this new knowledge if the heroic Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. She has revealed in an explosive report that Pence’s record on gay rights and even basic tolerance for the LGBTQ community is truly shocking:

‘Mike Pence said you should not only take away money from HIV and AIDS programs, he said AIDS funding should be taken away from serving people with HIV and AIDS because instead it should be diverted into government-funded programs designed to cure people from being gay, to try to fix gay people. That’s what the government should spend its money on — not this AIDS stuff.

‘So-called “conversion therapy,” sometimes known as “reparative therapy,” is a range of dangerous and discredited practices that falsely claim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Such practices have been rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health organization for decades, but due to continuing discrimination and societal bias against LGBTQ people, some practitioners continue to conduct conversion therapy. Minors are especially vulnerable, and conversion therapy can lead to depression, anxiety, drug use, homelessness, and suicide.’

That’s right. This is the guy who would be our President, and he has openly and proudly admitted to his horrifically Draconian views on people having different sexual identities to him, and not only that, but he has actually tried to implement some of them by trying to take away specific healthcare provisions which affect members of the LGBTQ community most strongly, as well as reportedly using technicalities on marriage forms in Indiana to make life as difficult as possible for gay couples.

If this man becomes our President, we will lose a hundred years of progress on this issue. Until Trump and his entire administration is out of Washington, we must keep resisting and fighting this backward, disgusting line of thinking. Who’s with me?





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