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Rachel Maddow Just Showed Us Why Republicans Are Turning On Trump



Tuesday was a big day. Huge. It has, officially, been one full year since Trump was elected as President – i.e. a terrible, miserable, slow plod to January 20, 2021. However, Tuesday was also the first election day on a national level where people came and voted, mostly for town and state legislatures. The results were interesting.

The political race in Virginia was fierce. In addition to all 100 House of Delegates position being elected, the position of the governor  was up for grabs. The Virginia governor race has been highly publicized in the weeks leading up to Election Day. President Trump had tweeted a few times in support of the Republican candidate Ed Gillespie, but did not formally endorse Gillespie. Gillespie is nothing like Trump, but was considered the Donald-like candidate.

Like just about everything else, this isn’t true. Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate for governor, once voted against a ban on sanctuary cities in Virginia, but right now there are zero sanctuary cities in Virginia. This is also how Gillespie and Trump are squeaking by a “fighting for the violent MS-13 killer gangs” dig, which is also, obviously, not true.

Despite Trump’s praise, Gillespie lost to Northam. With the Democratic victory, Trump tried to distance himself from his losing nominee while still touting his success.

Virginia wasn’t the only state to go blue. The New Jersey governor seat is now blue with Goldman Sachs executive and United States Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy taking over from the abominable Republican Chris Christie. And, Democratic Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio cruised right through his reelection.

Usually, these midterm-to-the-midterm elections are not full out sprints. However, this year, these races around the country are like a glimpse into the future. Many saw the Virginia governor’s race as as gauge of the country’s stance a year into Trump’s presidency, as well as a potential look into how next year’s midterm elections will play out if Trump continues this downward spiral, which I don’t expect will spike upwards anytime soon. Thankfully, we saw voters rally around the Democratic candidates; hopefully, this trend will continue and ride us into a Democratic-majority Congress coming out of the 2018 midterm elections. Only time will tell!





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