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Rep. Tim Ryan Goes Off On Trump After 600 Workers Fired In Broken “Jobs In Ohio” Promise



President Donald Trump, being the capitalist that he is, does not care about anything but profits. In his mind, it is totally morally justifiable to fire hundreds of workers from the job they rely on, just so long as the big bosses and the billionaire executives like him and his buddies can keep on raking in the cash.

That is exactly what happened in Ohio, where six hundred truckers recently found themselves out of a job thanks to Trump’s harsh cutbacks. However, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan was having none of it:

The workers of the United States of America are tired of being pawns in this big corporatists game. President Trump came to my community and said, “Don’t sell your house. Don’t sell your house. We’re going to get these house costs back up, prices back up.” Since that time, we lost the second shift at our General Motors plant, and General Motors on that same day that the workers were walking out announced they’re building a new factory in Mexico. President Trump said “Don’t sell your house.” A few months later, General Motors lays off the first shift.

They tell the workers two days after Thanksgiving. And just a couple of days ago, a trucking company, Falcon Transport, just outside of Youngstown, Ohio, their workers get a text message, 600 workers get a text message, at 8:00 on a Saturday night, “You lost your job.” We got bailout money for every bank that wants one, every savings and loan. Every corporation gets a tax cut to the tune of $2.3 trillion, and no one gives a damn about the workers. If we could bail out the corporations that have done everything wrong, we can start helping the workers who have done everything right.

This is exactly what we need to see more of in the American politics of today. When you have a fundamentalist capitalist like Donald J. Trump ruling over the entire nation from the Oval Office, it is inevitable that crony corporate interests are always going to find themselves creeping higher and higher up the pecking order, while the lives of ordinary American citizens and their basic wants and needs get tossed by the wayside. That is why it is so important that our local politicians, like the heroic Rep. Tim Ryan, can stand up for voters’ interests. And that is also why it is extremely important that dark right wing money is kept out of politics completely, so that the reign of big business over our lives can finally come to an end.






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