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REPORT: The EPA Has Been Overwhelmingly Lenient On The Worst Polluters During Trump’s Presidency



The views of President Donald Trump on issues to do with climate change and global warming are well documented. He famously called global warming a “Chinese hoax” on the campaign trail. It was therefore little surprise when his getting elected as President of the United States and leader of the free world resulted in a drastic change of policy direction on environmental issues.

Since Trump is immensely intimidated by the legacy of former President Barack Obama, he has made it his mission to undo everything he did. On climate, that has meant putting people who are totall unsuited for the job in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) such as Scott Pruitt, and then encouraging them to go super easy on the worst polluters.

It is now being reported that figures from the EPA itself reveal that the number of civil and criminal crackdowns that have been made on polluters has fallen sharply in the past two years. In other words, ever since Donald Trump entered the White House and took over the environmental policy of the United States, the government has suddenly stopped calling big businesses out when they violate environmental regulation, which exists to preserve the planet.

The assistant administrator of the EPA, Susan Bodine, who heads the office on enforcement, was forced to deny the allegations of leniency when they were put to her by reporters, calling them “absolutely not true. She also told a subcommittee in the House of Representatives that they should not believe a “narrative” from the media, which “discredits the tremendous work of the compliance and assurance staff” at the EPA. “A strong environment program doesn’t mean we have to collect a particular dollar amount or pick up a number of penalties,” she said.

However, Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette was having none of that, pointing out that the figures in question came from the EPA itself, and they clearly show that the allegations in the media are true. She openly accused the EPA of “giving polluters a free pass”, saying that it is “sitting on its hands” on the issue. “And it’s putting our health and environment at risk.”

“This panel will not sit back and allow this administration to simply ignore those laws,” she continued. “We expect the EPA to do its job,” she said. On a similar note, Rep. Frank Pallone, who chairs the full energy pane, put it to Bodine that there is “no way to sugar coat those numbers”.

This is pretty damning in a public setting. Will this be the next high profile resignation?





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