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Republicans Go On CNN To Try And Defend Trump, Backfires Directly In Their Faces



In these days of President Donald Trump intimidating, insulting and sometimes just downright attacking journalists for doing their job (i.e. reporting to the American people when he makes some horrendous gaffe) as well as the fact that most of the media is controlled by right wing billionaires (such as President Trump himself, of course) it can be very difficult to find some actual, real, unbiased news coverage of American politics these days. Here at Blue Side Nation, we of course do our very best to show you the real stories this corrupt administration doesn’t want you to see. In terms of broadcast journalism, though, your options are actually pretty limited. That is, except for CNN.

CNN is a perfect example of fair and responsible political journalism. They report on all the President’s shocking failings but in a totally impartial way, and they stand up to him strongly when necessary. At the same time, they are willing to air the other side of the argument too, but in a rightly critical light, not in the same way as Fox News who just mindlessly echo the GOP‘s lies without even considering whether or not they are actually true.

A perfect example of CNN’s phenomenal journalism was on show recently when they held a panel called Pulse of the People: Trump Voters on President’s Performance. The idea was that they would get some die-hard Trump fans on to try and explain how they could possibly still support this administration at this point, and they could be grilled on their politics by host Alisyn Camerota.

It’s actually rather easy to predict what would happen here, but that doesn’t make it any less glorious. Obviously, the ardent Trump supporters were always going to embarrass themselves live on national television, but even I could never have predicted the lengths they would be willing to go to in their desperate attempts to defend their genital-grabbing hero.

One dude even turned up wearing a shirt with a photo on it of him hugging the President. Seriously.

Incredibly, it gets even better. Shirt guy got asked which promises President Trump has actually kept during his time in office, to which his answer was basically saying “uh” about a dozen times, with a couple of “you know”s and “let’s think about it”s thrown in there for good luck. In other words, when pulled up on this basic question about Trump’s integrity as a politician, he had no answer.

Camerota wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily. She went on to push him on specific policies like the Paris Climate Agreement, which only left the guy floundering even more. It is quite something to watch.





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