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Republicans Just Desperately Tried To Remove Adam Schiff From Office, His Response Is Perfect



Throughout this entire scandal surrounding President Donald Trump, there is one figure who has been consistently reliable as a voice of reason within Congress, and that is Rep. Adam Schiff. Currently serving as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff has served for several months now alongside Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as one of the mature and sensible but also unshakeably firm and very motivated leaders that the Democrats need.

Schiff took up his senior position after the Democrats took back control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections in November of last year, which is sure to rub a huge amount of GOP representatives up the wrong way, immature that they are. They are surely even more furious that he is doing absolutely everything within his power to expose the truth about the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the conduct of Attorney General Bill Barr and everything that happened during the presidential election of 2016 that led to Trump becoming President of the United States and leader of the free world.

They are so annoyed, in fact, that they recently launched a botched effort to get rid of him, which went disastrously bad and only made Schiff stronger:

On Thursday, the nine Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee announced at the start of a public hearing they had signed onto a letter calling for Schiff’s resignation from his position. “Your actions both past and present are incompatible with your duty as chairman of this committee,” said Texas Rep. Mike Conaway, who ran the Republican-led Russia investigation with Schiff in the last Congress, reading the letter aloud at the hearing. “We have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of this committee.” While he has faced GOP criticism before, Thursday’s hearing represented an escalation of the scrutiny Schiff faces as a leader of Congress’ continued investigation into Trump and Russia in a post-Mueller-probe Washington.
Schiff has shown no sign of backing down. Anticipating the ambush Thursday, Schiff delivered an impassioned rebuttal to the Republican letter by ticking through a litany of alleged offenses, including the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting where a Russian lawyer offered “dirt,” Trump calling on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, Roger Stone’s alleged communications with WikiLeaks and former national security adviser Michael Flynn lying about talking sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the US. “You might say that’s all OK. You might say that’s just what you need to do to win,” Schiff said. “But I don’t think it’s OK. I think it’s immoral, I think it’s unethical, I think it’s unpatriotic, and yes, I think it’s corrupt, and evidence of collusion.”
That is amazing, and exactly what we have come to expect from Rep. Schiff.





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