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Republicans Launch Desperate Attempt To Shift Negative Focus Off Trump And On To Hillary Clinton



The heyday of President Donald Trump is over, it is long gone. Any observer of American politics can see this. Of course, he never exactly had a brilliant moment. His entire presidency so far has been dogged by the looming investigation into allegations of collusion and obstruction of justice by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as well as countless other scandals, policy disasters, and assorted other catastrophes.

Even so, the current point during his time as President of the United States and leader of the free world is surely the lowest point yet, and surely signalling that is time is nearly up, that the nation will not put up with this kind of thing for very much longer. We can see this quite clearly from the way he managed to lose his party’s majority in the House of Representatives in the midterm election of November last year.

It seems that even Republicans, even those members of Congress who have up until now been some of the most loyal supporters of the White House in the entire country, are starting to realize that the ship is sinking and beginning to let off signals of desperation. The latest instance of this came when they made a ridiculous attempt to shift focus away from the President’s repeated failures by casually inviting Congress to focus on former Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times reports that “House Republicans released a letter on Friday urging their Senate counterparts to pick up their politically charged inquiry into the handling of the F.B.I.’s investigations of President Trump’s campaign and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, and called again for the appointment of a special counsel to study the matter.

“Detailing some of their findings, the chairmen of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees said it appeared to them that the F.B.I. had treated the Trump and Clinton cases differently, cutting Mrs. Clinton and her associates crucial breaks while assigning agents who privately exchanged reams of messages bashing Mr. Trump to investigate his campaign’s links to Russia.”

Reportedly, the senior Republicans behind this thing said: “It is not the discovery of bias that is so destructive to fairness, it is the existence of it.” This is ridiculous in so many ways that it is actually difficult to know where to start. First, this is a matter for the FBI. Second, it has already been investigated and closed. Third, Ivanka Trump did basically the same thing and they are not talking about investigating her. And fourth, this is so clearly an admission of the fact that this President is achieving nothing.

If even GOP lawmakers have no confidence in the President, how can anyone else?





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