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Republicans Launch Sickening Bid To Charge Veterans More To Pay For Their Own Benefits



The Republican party likes to present itself as the party of patriotism and national pride. Especially under the current hardline leadership of the likes of President Donald Trump, the GOP claims that it is the first and last word in being proud of our great nation, and a big part of that is supportin the troops. One of the President’s favorite go to points to repeatedly make when he is asked a difficult question about something else is to do with funding our armed forces and taking proper care of our veterans, by showing them the respect they deserve.

However, you will all be thoroughly shocked to know that the Republican party has no actual interest whatsoever in keeping its promises to the people who vote for it or even just making an effort to espouse the views and positions it claims to hold dear. Despite talking a good talk on respect for the armed forces and appropriate care for the veterans, the GOP is currently in the process of attempting to force through a bill that would make life infinitely harder for them, totally needlessly.

A group of Congressional Republicans has launched a proposal to force post-9/11 service members to buy into their GI Bill benefits. In practice, this basically means that the government is going to squeeze an extra hundred dollars a month out of our veterans for no reason, and they will get the exact same benefits they get now.

Will Hubbard, vice president of government affairs for Student Veterans of America, had this to say on the matter:

“It’s infinitely more difficult to get rid of or cut the GI Bill if troops have paid into that benefit. This is about how we can make the GI Bill protected and buffered against budget fights for years to come.”

Brian Duffy, Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander, released a statement condemning the absurd move, and he did not mince his words in his criticism of those GOP lawmakers:

“This new tax on troops is absurd. Ensuring veterans are able to successfully transition back to civilian life after military service is a cost of war, and not a fee that Congress can just pass along to our troops. Congress must stop nickeling and diming America’s service members and veterans.”

Well said, Sir. If only more people on the right of American politics actually paid a little attention to what is needed from them and their policies in the real world.





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