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Retired Lt. Col. Goes Live On CNN And Opens Up About Trump And The Country: “It’s Trump First, Not America First”



President Donald Trump has broken more conventions in his time as President so far than anyone can count, by being the most incompetent leader the world has ever seen. He has now been ruling over us from the Oval Office for well over two years, but it feels like much longer than that for most ordinary Americans. Never before has someone held the office of President of the United States and leader of the free world who is so obviously not at all suited to the role, and showing no willingness whatsoever to conform to the personality traits required for that role.

That is why there is fury growing in volume across America by the day, from all sections of society, at the way the President is running the country. One place where you might expect to find support for President Trump is in the army, especially since he has boosted spending on defense and continually talks up America’s military capabilities. However, it has recently become clear that this is not the case. A retired senior officer, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, went live on CNN with Anderson Cooper and made his feelings know about what Trump is doing:

He is desperate to win. And, by the way, if he doesn’t win in 2020, you’re going to see the ugliest departure from the White House in American history. I mean, certainly, his ego is always involved, he wants 2016 to be seen as legitimate. But what matters to him is re-election. It’s becoming desperate. I believe he is afraid for all his bluster and bravado, he’s a terrified man. He knows the consequences if he loses in 2020.

He knows, because he knows far better than you and I know, far better than Robert Mueller knew, what his exposure is, what his criminal exposure is. Just today documents are transferred from Deutsche Bank. This is going to go on for some time. And I genuinely believe that this is a president who does not care about this country. It’s Trump first. It’s not America first. It’s make Trump greater, not make America great again. And I do believe he will do everything he can to prevent our government from stepping in and blocking Russian attempts to disrupt and influence the election.

Wow. He did not hold back. Maybe, just maybe, Trump will respect and listen to that man’s opinionm, because of who he is. But don’t get your hopes up.





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