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Right Before The State Of The Union Trump Received Horrible News From The FBI’s Investigation



Throughout the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russia, the Republicans have taken a defensive stance using distractionary tactics and trying to create doubt in the public’s mind regarding the FBI’s ability to do its job in a fair manner.

One way Republicans hope to achieve this is through the release of a classified memo written by Republicans. Not surprisingly, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the memo, which alleges that the FBI had an anti-Trump bias when it requested a warrant from the FISA court to conduct surveillance on former Trump adviser Carter Page.

Republicans also charge that the FBI used the Steeler dossier, which was funded in part by Democrats, to seek the warrant on Page, according to the New York Times.

While the Republicans are using this to try to discredit Robert Mueller and the FBI, they are also unwilling to publish the Democrats’ view of the document. Meanwhile, officials from the justice department told the press that releasing a classified document of this nature would be “extraordinarily reckless.”

The Guardian reports there’s a second memo in circulation, this one written by Cody Shearer that the FBI is currently looking into. Shearer is a former political activist with close ties to the Clintons, so logically, it’s easy to see why some might have trouble with his credibility given the friends he keeps. Yet, the fact the FBI is looking into his memo lends credence to the fact there might be something there.

It’s also important to note the Shearer memo was handed to the FBI by former British spy Christopher Steele, who said he gave them a copy because it corresponded to what he heard from his sources, according to The Guardian. In each memo, one common allegation is that Trump was compromised during a 2013 trip to a Moscow hotel for lewd acts. The president has denied this allegation.

There’s much for the FBI to uncover but in the meantime, the two memos illustrate collaborating stories that paint a damning picture of the president if true. It also illustrates the Republicans will broadly sweep away any news they disagree with as fake. They know they are playing a dangerous game by trying to release classified material to derail an investigation, which means either they truly believe nothing wrong happened or they are so desperate they’ll go to any means to hide the truth.





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