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Robert Mueller Publicly Calls Out Paul Manafort For Repeatedly Lying To The FBI



Robert Mueller‘s probe into alleged obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump and collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian state actors has consistently produced news stories that have made for horrifying reading for anyone who cares about democracy. And it doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon.

The latest news on the independent inquiry, frequently derided by the President as a “witch hunt”, concerns Paul Manafort, a former senior official in the Trump campaign. Mueller’s team made shocking new allegations in court this week, alleging that Manafort “breached” the plea agreement he had reached with the Justice Department by repeatedly lying to the FBI, and to Special Counsel Mueller himself.

This is a surprising turn of events because it was previously reported that Manafort had abandoned his loyalties to the President and his administration and was cooperating fully with the inquiry. These new reports suggest that he was still telling blatant untruths to the official investigation even two months after he had agreed to cooperate.

Marking a massive change in tone from the Mueller camp, which is normally quite conservative with the accusations in makes in public, this is quite a bombshell for the Manafort case, and consequently also for the Trump inquiry as a whole. It’s possible Mueller intends to send a message to others involved in the investigation that just because you agree to cooperate, doesn’t mean you can get away with things quietly.

This is, clearly, extremely bad news for poor old Paul, in more ways than one. He has been cooperating with the inquiry for some time now, and in that time he would have had to answer a lot of questions and hand over a huge amount of information. In other words, he is very useful to Mueller – or so he thought.

For Mueller to come out all guns blazing like this indicates that they now have everything they need from Manafort. He originally came to them on his hands and knees, willing to give up information in exchange for favorable treatment. Now, though, Mueller has taken the information off his hands and appears to be throwing Manafort to the dogs. “We’re done with you now, bye bye!” Brutal stuff.

This news will also be troubling people way beyond the Manafort household. The fact that Mueller is being so confident, so publicly indicates that he’s happy with the place he’s in, and suggests the time might be nearing when he will make his findings public. That will not be a pleasant day for Trump, I assure you.





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