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Robert Mueller Setting Sights On Entire White House, About To Deliver Mike Pence Nightmarish News



As we have talked about no end, Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into alleged collusion between the 2016 Presidential campaign to elect Donald Trump and Russian state actors, plus alleged obstruction of justice since then and a whole host of other felonies, is inevitably going to end up in a massive nightmare for President Donald Trump and his entire administration. All the signs indicate that this cannot end well for him.

Various senior Trump figures have now been indicted and charged, including Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, was even served a jail sentence recently. There have also been a bunch of leaks emerging from the Mueller camp in recent weeks and months, suggesting that the long awaited results of his investigation are not far off. As a result, President Trump himself, along with the rest of his family, the whole White House and in fact the entire administration and everyone who has worked for him since he launched his campaign is now fearing for their political lives.

One name that has, so far, not really come up is that of Mike Pence. This is somewhat surprising, since he is Vice President, at the end of the day. It seems a little odd that Special Counsel Mueller would focus so much of his effort on people like Manafort, Cohen and Flynn who don’t even work for Trump any more. There is one very simple explanation for this, though, and that is that the Vice President has been rather more intelligent than most of the other people involved in this fiasco. He has very cleverly decided to keep his head down as much as possible and keep his public statements calm in tone, and rare. When juxtaposed against the raging frequent statements made in public by those other significant figures – including the President himself, of course – it makes perfect sense that Pence has managed to largely escape the Mueller limelight so far.

However, my bet is that won’t last much longer. Like I said, Mueller is closing in, and no one is going to escape his righteous wrath.

One of the main reasons this has recently become clear is because of the leaking of a letter Mike Pence received from a Congressman back in November 2016, telling Pence that Flynn was a paid Russian agent.

If it is verified, this means that Pence knew full well what Flynn was up to, and lied about it. Which is truly detrimental for him.





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