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Robert Mueller To Reveal Details Of Trump-Russia Collusion Within Weeks



Special counsel Robert Mueller is ready to present key findings in his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, a report says.

Mueller apparently plans to present his findings on “core aspects” of the probe right after the November 6 midterm elections. The pressure he is under from the very top is increasing in intensity as senior officials are urging him to either indict more people or shut down his investigation altogether. Looks like we don’t have long to wait to hear his answer to that.

Anonymous officials have revealed that Mueller is very close to revealing details of any specific incidents in which the Trump campaign actually colluded with Russians. He is also expected to produce findings regarding Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice.

Image: Internet Education Foundation/Flickr

It doesn’t end there, though. Mueller won’t just announce all of this publicly. He will only actually disclose the potentially explosive information to his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. After that, the power is very much in Rosenstein’s hands, as he gets to decide how much of that gets passed on to Congress, and what can be revealed to the public.

The timeline of what could happen is not at all clear, especially since Trump will almost certainly want to take action to protect himself before Mueller can present his findings. Trump has clearly indicated on multiple occasions that he plans to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the midterms, and that could very easily involve bringing in a new Deputy Attorney General too. If Rosenstein is replaced, the entire future of Mueller’s probe could be called into question.

Rosenstien himself has said, with some degree of desparation, that he really wants Mueller to finish up his work as quickly as possible. Basically, he knows he might get fired very soon, so he is keen to get Mueller’s findings in his hands as soon as possible, before Trump has time to take preemptive action.

Mueller is unlikely to repeat the mistakes of former FBI Director James Comey by making any public statement before the elections have taken place, as that would likely become a campaign issue and could quickly become extremely complex for himself and everyone involved. Also, official guidelines said by the Justice Department specify that prosecutors must avoid any major steps close to an election, to avoid any chance of influencing the outcome.

We can expect, then, the days after November 6 to when Mueller unleashes his avalanche of information against Trump. Let’s start counting down the days!





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