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Rudy Giuliana Just Admitted On Live TV That The Trump Campaign Used Stolen Material From Hillary Clinton’s Emails



Donald Trump only became President of the United States and leader of the free world thanks to covert tactics and the use of stolen information, especially with regards to his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and her leaked emails. The Trump administration defense was already very weak, but Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani may ahve just made things a whole lot worse with a very badly thought out description of what happened live on TV, on the NBC News Meet the Press show:

I wonder if there isn’t an argument that the people had a right to know that information about Hillary Clinton. People had a right to know that Hillary Clinton and the people around her were as dishonest, as deceptive, as duplicitous as they actually are. If somebody on the campaign wanted to do something wrong? A lot of people on Hillary Clinton’s campaign wanted to do something wrong. The legal standard that makes it possible that we’re not going to be prosecuted for our thoughts is every single line — we go right to the fact that did Trump or anyone from the Trump campaign participate in the dissemination of hacked material? And the answer is no.

It had already been disseminated. So he is free, clear of an allegation. This investigation wasn’t nationwide news, international news for three years because the Russians tried to invade our election. They’ve done that before. We just caught them this time. And other countries do it, by the way. So the real news here — wait. The real news here is, “Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to do this, making him almost a traitor,” that turns out after two FBI investigations, counter-intelligence seven months, this one 13 months — not true.

That might be the weakest defense anyone has ever offered for anything. In spite of the fact that all of the Trump cronies, including Giuliani himself, have spent the last two and a bit years denying that Trump did anything wrong at all during the whole campaign, they have no been pushed to the point of admitting that he broke the law but scrambling to justify his actions on a moral basis, as if we should be thanking Trump for hacking into a senior federal employee’s emails and publishing the contents for all the world to see, with little or no regard for the adverse consequences.

Trump is clearly guilty, and it is now just a matter of time until he gets taken down.





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