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Russia Probe Unearths Email Showing An Attempted Putin/Trump Meeting During The Election



We all talk about smoking guns, but there seems to be more and more gnu residue all over the place with every passing day. The Russia probe into the entire Trump clan is getting more and more info and it’s looking more and more damning as time passes.

Take this newly unearthed example. As investigators probe into the happenings of the strange and oddly timed meeting of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian intelligence officials to obtain smearing information on Hillary Clinton, they have found something truly strange. An apparent email (not so fun to talk about emails now is it?) was sent by a top Trump aide that referenced a previous effort to have Trump and Putin meet.

From CNN:

The aide, Rick Dearborn, who is now President Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff, sent a brief email to campaign officials last year relaying information about an individual who was seeking to connect top Trump officials with Putin, the sources said.

The person was only identified in the email as being from “WV,” which one source said was a reference to West Virginia. It’s unclear who the individual is, what he or she was seeking, or whether Dearborn even acted on the request. One source said that the individual was believed to have had political connections in West Virginia, but details about the request and who initiated it remain vague.

The same source said Dearborn in the email appeared skeptical of the requested meeting.

Sources said the email occurred in June 2016 around the time of the recently revealed Trump Tower meeting where Russians with Kremlin ties met with the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., his son-in-law Jared Kushner as well as then-campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

As it stands, and on it’s own, this unsubstantiated claim and evidence might not seem like much, but let’s look at everything as a whole. Donald Trump Jr.’s emails and subsequent play for damaging Hillary Clinton information, added on to this new report, remembering everything we’ve learning about the DNC hack and other Russian attempts to manipulate the election, and putting them all in a line seriously starts to show that something is up.

If nothing happened, if nothing truly was wrong, there wouldn’t be this continually growing mountain of evidence. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s high time the FBI called for Trump’s indictment.





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