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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Made Neil Gorsuch Look Like A Total Fool During A Supreme Court Hearing



The Supreme Court of the United States is an incredible place at this point. Obviously the newest and possibly best known addition is Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the man with countless accusations of heinous sexual assault to his name (none of which he has ever actually had to defend himself against in a court of law though, of course). As well as that, there is such a wide range of legal perspectives and political personalities on the court.

On the one hand, we have Judge Neil Gorsuch. He was the first nominee to the Supreme Court of President Donald Trump and he is, unsurprisingly, a staunch conservative and Republican. Judging by reports that are emerging surrounding his work on the court, he is neither well liked there nor very successful. It seems that he is being given all the little odd jobs that no one really wants, such as running the cafeteria at the court. That is truly humiliating, but fitting for a character such as him.

When it comes to actual court work, journalists have gathered that Gorsuch has made himself markedly unpopular among his colleagues. It is commonly known and accepted that new justices have a huge amount to learn before they can become respected as fully fledged members of the court, but Gorsuch appears reluctant to accept this, bringing an apparent self-righteous tone to hearings and talking down to everyone, including his colleagues, even those who are actually rather more senior than him.

That is seemingly what happened on the Gill v. Whitford case which first made its way to the court in October of last year. The court had to hear oral arguments on the case, which concerned gerrymandering, relating to issues surrounding the mapping of voting districts and the supposedly impartial avoidance of any kind of unfair advantage for either side due to the construction of the electoral regions.

From what we can gather, Gorsuch thought very much of himself even at this very early point for him and his legal career on the Supreme Court, so he launched into a patronizing lecture that would have been more suitable for a group of college students than some of the most experienced and senior judges in the country (and indeed the world).

It wasn’t long, though, before his colleague Ruth Bader Ginsburg got fed up of his grandstanding and told him in frank terms what she was thinking:

“Where did one person, one vote come from?!”

From then on, it was reported that Gorsuch shut up quickly and didn’t speak again during the hearing. Yikes! He won’t be speaking up so boldly for a while now, I’ll bet. What a great take down with one sentence.





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