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Sarah Sanders Defends Trump Over Nonsense, Gets Shut Down For Inflammatory Rhetoric



Just recently, Blue Side Nation reported on the horrific attempted murder of numerous senior Democratic public figures by mail bomb. Specifically, I wrote about the outrageous line taken by the Trumpite right-wing media which essentially dismissed all the facts of the case (“pure BS”, as Rush Limbaugh put it) in favor of twisting the story dramatically so it can be used as yet another baseless stab at the Democrats.

Unsurprisingly, this kind of nonsensical reaction emerged pretty quickly not just from the mainstream media but also direct from the White House. Trump released a statement via Twitter (of course) in which he strongly denounced the “fake news” mainstream media for reporting on the facts of the bombing cases. His logic, as usual, makes zero sense: Trumpite lunatic tries to kill Clinton and Obama, but “the Anger we see today” is caused by the media reporting on it? We don’t know either.

Sarah Sanders, White House Press Secretary, leapt to his defense. “The media has a role to play in this process,” she said. Sure, in the same way that Meryl Streep has a role to play in the Oscars by being a film star. Doesn’t mean poor Meryl is responsible for everything that’s wrong with the Oscars, from the constant racism to the systemic misogyny, does it?

“Ninety per cent of the coverage of this President is negative,” she continued. Ha ha! That’s totally not the media’s fault, I’m afraid, Sarah. This President is easily the most incompetent we have had for at least the last half-century, and that is saying something. We’ve had some right stinkers.

Attacking the media for reporting on Trump’s public failures is like giving a baker a wheelbarrow full of horse dung and then moaning when the chocolate cake he makes with it isn’t very nice. Plus, the sheer arrogance Sanders displays here by responding to a terrorist attack on the media by criticising the media is astonishing. She’s not even slightly phased by her blatant victim-blaming.

Sanders goes on to sweepingly characterize the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump as “unhelpful to the public discourse”. Mercifully, it is at this point that common sense shows its face, in the form of CNN political commentator Chris Cuomo. “Is it helpful for the public discourse for her to not recognize a single attribute or contribution from the President to this dynamic?” he asks. Ouch!

Cuomo has hit the nail on the head here. Trump apologists are so busy scurrying around trying to find other people to blame for the catastrophes that seem to befall our nation almost daily now that they can’t see what’s staring them right in the face: it all starts with Trump!

If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you check out Cuomo’s rant in full in the video below. Your neck will ache because you’ll be nodding your head so furiously.





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