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Sarah Sanders Says Trump Believes In Free Press On Twitter, CNN’s Jim Acosta Calls BS



We have probably all seen it by now – that highly testy exchange during a press conference following the midterms in which Jim Acosta was the center of attention. Donald Trump was doing what everyone expected and trying to ignore the fact that the Republican party lost control of the House of Representatives during these elections and focus everyone’s attention instead on the meagre gains they made in the Senate, which they already controlled.

The far more pressing issue in many ways, of course, was the horrific levels of inflammatory rhetoric levelled by Trump against every group in society you can think of, but most pertinently the press. Not satisfied with calling them the “Fake News Media” for the last two years, over recent months Trump has switched to dubbing them the “Enemy of the People” at every chance he gets, equating CNN especially with traitors and terrorists simply because he doesn’t like it when they report on things not going perfectly for him.

CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta was trying to do his job by asking the President some questions when, as ample video evidence demonstrates, a White House aide – possiby Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters – tried to violently wrestle the microphone off him while Trump shouted down his perfectly legitimate queries. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the White House (Trump and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders especially) unleashed a tirade of libel and slander against him, jam packed with false allegations including that he “put his hands on a young woman” and subsequently revoked his press credentials, thereby essentially barring him from official business regarding the President.

CNN responded forcefully, as you would expect, in defense of its high-profile journalist, and of press freedoms as a whole. An official statement from CNN decried the controversial move, slamming the White House for “fraudulent accusations” against Acosta, alleging that Sarah Sanders “lied” and “cited an incident that never happened”. The statement called the move to block Acosta from the White House press pool an “unprecedented decision” and “a threat to our democracy”.

Acosta wasn’t having any of it. He responded directly to Sarah Sanders on Twitter – so, publicly – when she released a statement making those highly questionable accusations against him, saying “This is a lie.”

Then, a little while later, rather than backing down under the immense pressure, he tweeted again, this time calling on all those who support the freedoms of the press and our First Amendment to unite in defense of our fundamental liberties.

Good on you, Jim.





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