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Scott Pruitt Head Of Scientific, Fact-Based EPA Has Banned Scientists…From The EPA



Scott Pruitt, who’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency, might be one of the most dangerous appointments by president Trump. Here is a man who continues to avoid scientific fact and instead bends the knee to Big Business.

His recent move supporting this claim came on Tuesday when he announced he was stripping six scientists and academics of advisory positions. This is a huge problem because it prevents scientists from advising the EPA on, you guess it, scientific matters. Pruitt replaced these experts with not surprisingly representatives from Big Business. And according to The New York Times, Pruitt won’t impose any sanctions on them because why would he?

He gave his “reasoning” for this change. “I made the decision to ensure the agency would receive data and advice free of conflicts of interests.” Allow this to sink in. Here’s a man who disregards science if it gets in the way of Corporate America’s agenda, saying that having scientific experts providing advice to the EPA is a conflict of interest.

He continues, “People serving on the E.P.A. advisory boards received $77 million in grant money in the past three years while issuing advice on policy.” So, he’s trying to say money influenced their decisions, which at best is the pot calling the kettle black.

Donna Kenski, a data analysis with the Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium called Pruitt’s bluff. “The really galling part of this is that it’s an effort to avoid conflict of interest, but they pretend the industry people who are being offered up positions on the panel are somehow unbiased because they’re not getting money from the E.P.A.”

“I don’t believe it’s really about the funding. I believe it’s a blatant attempt to politicize a process that has been refreshingly free of politics.”

Donna nails it. Pruitt wants to replace scientist with people who are more in line with his reasoning and he’s using funding as a way to justify it.





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