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Secretary Of Defense James Matis Turns Back On Trump And Comes Out Publicly On Russian Election Interference



President Donald Trump has, in his nearly two years in the highest office in the land, continually displayed a truly remarkable inability to manage his staff properly. He has one of the highest turnover rates ever among Presidents of the United States. He just cannot seem to keep people on side at all. He has had so many resignations and firings at all levels of his administration that it is basically impossible to keep count.

One of the very, very few figures who has been there from the start and still – it seems, at least – managing to carry on strong is the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis. Many would say that for a long, long time, Mattis has offered the only adult voice in the room: the only sensible, considered, experienced, thought out opinion on key issues in the entire Trump administration.

That’s why this story is so damning – for Mattis, for Trump, and for America as a whole.

Widely respected CNN reporter and White House correspondent Jim Acosta is alleging that Mattis said something very, very compromising to him which threatens to bury the entire White House. The alleged quote is as follows:

“There is no doubt the relationship has worsened. He (Putin) tried again to muck around in our elections this last month and we are seeing a continued effort along those lines.”

I cannot explain to you in words how massive this is. One of the most senior members of Trump’s cabinet just ditched his loyalty to the President and sided with the Democrats, the Never Trump Republicans, and frankly all those who actually want to stick up for American democracy and the integrity of our political system, not least Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has made it is mission to indict Trump and take down his presidency on this exact same issue.

Let’s not forget that President Donald Trump is extremely worried about the Mueller inquiry and the consequences it will bring for his presidency, his White House, his family, and even for him personally. That, at least, is perfectly obvious from the amount he tweets about it.

So for Mattis to go and concede a very major point about Russian interference in American elections is really a massive deal. And to a journalist, no less. Not only that – a CNN journalist, the press origanization that Trump loves to dub the Fake News Media and the True Enemy of the People. And, even more than that, Acosta is the journalist who was recently involved in an ugly and public spat with the White House over an alleged assault and his access to the press pool.

For a whole bunch of reasons, this is a colossal blow to Trump for one of his longest, staunchest allies. This won’t be the last we hear of this incident, I guarantee you.





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