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Senate Leaders Uncovered Trump’s Worst Russia Nightmare, It’s Only Matter Of Time Now



The ranking members of the Senate Intelligence Committee held a press conference Wednesday afternoon detailing what they’ve uncovered so far in their investigation on Russian meddling in the U.S. elections last fall.

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA). The senators didn’t come out and say directly what they’ve found, teasing news agencies to pay attention at the presser to hear what they’ve discovered so far, and what their next steps will be. “It’ll go into pretty good depth on the elections, and talk a little bit about where we go from here,” Burr told reporters. He also added that patience would be rewarded. “Good things come to those who wait, so I’ll let you wait until 12:15 to get an update on the progress of the investigation,” he said.

A source close to the Intelligence Committee, however, gave a bit more detail about what we can expect. CNN is stating that this source told them that the committee will reveal undeniable proof of Russian interference in our elections, as well as “sounding the alarm” on President Donald Trump’s lackluster response to taking the issue seriously.

The two ranking members of the committee are also considering what can be done to protect the integrity of future elections, the source said. Whether that translates into proposed legislation or not is unclear at this time.

At least 21 states around the nation were reportedly victims of cyber breaches, although it’s been said that no vote tampering has been found. Still, the fact that Russian hackers had attempted to mess around with our elections systems, as well as infiltrate social media to foment civil unrest, is unsettling to several lawmakers. Yet despite this monumental mountain of evidence, the president doesn’t seem too concerned about it, at times even questioning the investigation’s validity.

In a series of tweets last month, Trump commented on news that Russian agents sought to disrupt public opinion by purchasing ads designed to incite anger against certain segment groups. Trump alleged that those news reports were a “hoax,” and questioned why media weren’t asking more about Hillary Clinton.

Yet it’s clear that, despite this president’s allegations, Russia’s meddling in our elections was very real. The Senate Intelligence Committee plans to reveal what they can publicly divulge later this afternoon. While it’s likely that President Trump will call their findings “fake news” or some other variant of those words, he cannot hide the facts from the American people for much longer. And all of his denial of Russia’s meddling is looking very, very suspicious.





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